Wednesday, July 16, 2014

my unfortunate life

my unfortunate life over the last six months has been crazy, when you think things are good for you, you get blind sided, I was doing well in college and was looking forward of graduating this year, well it did not work out as planed, I found out in October 2013 that I had a cancerous growth in my stomach and a few weeks latter I find out that my wife has been cheating on me, from this point forward everything went down hill for me, I ended up dropping out of college as my grades started to become bad, I had so much I was looking forward to and now I have nothing, it is now July 2014 my merriage is over and my health has declined, I still push forward but know soon that I must seek treatment for my declining health, wow to only think less then a year ago things was going well for me, I had what I thought was a decent merriage, I had a very healthy active lifestyle and had faith in god and now I have nothing, this I realize is the wrong way to think, I realize I must pull myself together and start to think in more positive way, I know I must be strong for myself as well for others around me, soon I will get medically treated, soon I will return back to college to complete what I started, soon I will regain my faith in god, soon I will be back to my normal self.